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Some say three is a crowd; we say three is an awesome company.

Our story is a simple, sassy tale of three pint-sized sirens in search to beautify the Asian almond-shaped eyes. Indeed, there is a universe of mascara wands, eyeliners and falsies but our deep passion lies with the silky lash extensions that sensually craft your eyes charming and set hearts aflutter. In our endless yet tireless quest for fame and vanity, we aspire to be more than just a lash beautifier. Our desire is to engage you in a luxe experience with pampering manicure and pedicure services within our classy sanctuary. We envision our set-up as the epicentre of elegance in our neighbourhood and beyond.

The Technical Maestro

From hardware to software to “eye-ware”, Jiahui is the operations virtuoso and a management maverick. An animal-lover, she has a strong affinity for dogs. Say hi, we promise she won’t bite.

The Limelight

Janice is the sensual socialite amongst the trio. An avid traveller and fashionista, she prides herself as an ace of interpersonal skill as well as the numero uno of relationship management. You will definitely feel right at home in her welcoming company.

The Muse

The creative mind behind the scenes. A music-snob, a fantasy video-gamer and often a conjurer of jibberish, Wei Lin is the industrious indie imp of this radical avant-garde trio. Derives and breathes pleasure in all things quirky and whimsical.

Welcome & be lured into our world…