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40 lashes per eye

Soft and subtle natural-looking lashes. Wake up every morning looking refreshed and ready for the day. Ideal for those who are looking for (just) that little extra.

Classic Vintage Beauty

60 lashes per eye

Flutters’ Signature look adds definition and volume to create a style that is stunning yet looks effortless. Gives the effect of wearing mascara without the hassle of daily removal and eyes looked lined as a result of a fuller lash line. Tata good ole eye make-up~!

So-fine Soufflé

Extremely light and fluffy criss-cross lash extension technique. Extremely suited for ladies who have no love for overly dramatic lashes. Gives lush-volumn effect yet without the density. Recommended for those with sparse lashes as it fills in the gaps perfectly.

Flaunt & Flirt

90 lashes per eye

Show your flair with butterfly-like fluttery lashes! Get the Gyaru style with amazing volume and curls. What can we say? Flaunt and flirt.


More than 90 lashes per eye

Lashes that are the talk of the town. Full lustrous lash line that looks impossibly glamorous. Ideal for expressive individuals who want bold and daring over-the-top set of lashes. Bring it on love!


For all the Adams in our hearts. Discreet yet effective solution for gents with sparse short lash problems. So suit up! Look refined and le-gggendary.