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J Lash – The Natural Beauty

Au naturel de rigueur! J has the least amount of curl. Extensions virgin? Begin your foray with these! They will lengthen and thicken your incumbent.

B Lash – The Flirty Girl Next Door

Minimalist yet chic! Get a soft, flirty and feminine curl with the B lash. An excellent choice for all lash types and eye shapes.

C Lash – The Girly Girl

Contemporary and alluring! The most popular extensions in our line giving a clear increase in curl akin to your hand-held lash curler. They’re dramatic without being over the top.

D Lash – The Drama Queen

Show-stopping enchantment! Ultra-glam is your everyday aspiration! If you seek high street appearance and fancy Doll-like, doe-eyed lashes, search no more! These eyelashes are for full-blown, flirtatious flutters!

L Lash – The Outgoing Peppy Girl (Oops not available)

Hottest trend! Great for very straight lashes, mono-eyelids, deep set eyes. L protrudes forward before a lovely gentle lift. Its full contact with our lashes allows extensions to last longer between fills. Swim, dive or jog? We’ve got you covered.