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Do be gentle with your new extensions. Do comb them regularly to keep the extensions neat and in shape. Do avoid swimming, hot steam and sauna for the first 24hours. Do resist the urge to pull the extensions. Do sleep on your back to avoid flattening the extensions. Do not use waterproof eye makeup. If […]

J Lash – The Natural Beauty

Au naturel de rigueur! J has the least amount of curl. Extensions virgin? Begin your foray with these! They will lengthen and thicken your incumbent.

B Lash – The Flirty Girl Next Door

Minimalist yet chic! Get a soft, flirty and feminine curl with the B lash. An excellent choice for all lash types and eye shapes.

C Lash – The Girly Girl

Contemporary and alluring! The most popular extensions in our line giving a clear increase in curl akin to your hand-held lash curler. They’re dramatic without being over the top.

D Lash – The Drama Queen

Show-stopping enchantment! Ultra-glam is your everyday aspiration! If you seek high street appearance and fancy Doll-like, doe-eyed lashes, search no more! These eyelashes are for full-blown, flirtatious flutters!

L Lash – The Outgoing Peppy Girl (Oops not available)

Hottest trend! Great for very straight lashes, mono-eyelids, deep set eyes. L protrudes forward before a lovely gentle lift. Its full contact with our lashes allows extensions to last longer between fills. Swim, dive or jog? We’ve got you covered.


Plain vanilla lovers. This style enhances the original lash shape.


Longer centre extensions that give a Bambi-esque effect, opening up your eyes.